Many people say they don’t have green fingers but there are plants that are so easy to look after that a 2 year old can  do it !!

One of the easiest plants on earth must be the sanseviera, otherwise known as snake plant, snake skin plant or mother-in-laws tongue. You probably all know some sanseviera species, but there are so many different ones, and some are prettier or smaller or bigger than the other one, that depends on taste of course. And they are aircleaners too, so it is healthy to have them in your house !!

At the moment the sanseviera is in fashion again, hurray ! As I have a collection of cati and succulents in my house I have a few species of sanseviera and one of the strongest is for sure the SANSEVIERA FERNWOOD PUNK (see picture below)


You can only kill it by watering too much. It needs light but no direct sun and for a plant the size like this one ; about half a pint of water once in 3 or 4 weeks, if you forget, no problem it keeps smiling !

So for all of you who think you  have no green thumb, this is your plant.

Have fun trying it out. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask !

Thanks for visiting my blog, it is much appreciated.