It is time to give your houseplants a bit of tlc, they are probably covered in a bit of dust so you can easily brush that off with some old soft paintbrushes, the small ones for the nooks and crannies  (also handy for your cacti !!), the big ones for the big leafed plants. They’ll look better, they can breathe better and they can absorb the light better. Give them a bit of water and when the soils is moist again you can give them a bit of firtilizer, just a bit to start with.

Your plants will love you for this 😀

Have a great day !


DSC06195 (2).JPG

For me this garden tool is worth it’s weight in gold ! Especially when you are not so strong. It it so much easier to remove weeds when you have this or when you want a space where you want to plant or sow. It is not so good to dig the gardensoil but this just tosses the soil without disturbing it too much and it removes the weeds and the roots in one.

I hope you are all having fun on this lovely Spring Sunday !