Sorry for posting  so little lately but there is so much work in the garden. I never clean the garden in Autumn as it is better for the plants, for the soil and last but not least for wildlife !! So Spring is very hectic and I just don’t know what to do first at the moment. I have a lot of repotting to do,  garden plants as well as house plants. Everything is growing like mad at the moment and it is time to finally put some annuals in the windowsills. Last week we had a few days   with night frost so I kept my annuals in the greenhouse. Also the plants in the greenhouse grow like mad, several tomato varietes, courgettes, grapes, peppers….

But here is a picture for you that I made today of a flower in our pond.



More pictures will be posted soon, I hope 😀


Have a great week !



This water hen (coot) has been living in our garden for several weeks now. And she feels very much at home in and near our pond. It is a young female and I hope she’ll make a nest in our garden and get chicksn  (hopefully she’ll find a husband soon ). We can do what we like in the garden, she isn’t bothered, nor is she bothered by the dogs we have.

As you can see our garden is a mess at the moment, we leave the cleaning up till Spring, we don’t want to do it in the Autumn as that isn”t good for wildlife. Today was a sunny day so I did some work in the garden. But for the rest of the week they are expecting rain, and lots of it.

It feels so good to be able to do something in the garden and you can see that most of the plants are comming to life except for the late starters.

I can’t wait for the Summer to start .

I hope you’ll all have a brilliant week ! Have fun !!


Water soldier (STRATIOTES ALOIDES) is a fast growing, fast reproducing pond plant that helps keeping your pond water clean. This one has very sharp leaf edges but a pretty white flower.


After a period of heavy rain and thunder storms we finally are have a nice sunny day, not that I minded all the rain as we need every drop we can get. But my roses looked so pretty a while ago and now they are all rained out. And so are some of my other plants, but they’ll be beautiful again soon.

Have a great week you all !