Yesterday I noticed my mini apple tree was comming into bloom, it’s only buds so far but I expect the first flowers to open tomorrow.

Last year it only had a few blooms and no apples at all, this year it is completely covered in buds so I am hopefull.

This small apple tree is ideal for small spaces and can even be grown in a pot on your balcony, you can even make a hedge when you put a few in a row. The one I have is called ‘minitree Redlane’ and it doesn’t need another apple tree to get fruit.

But cos they are so pretty I bought another one last year, it had pretty white flowers last year and no apples but this year I can’t see any buds…maybe next year hey !

The Redlane has pretty dark pink buds.

IMG_4297 (2).JPG


Have a great week you all and don’t work too hard, enjoy the outside. Thanks for visiting, it’s much appreciated.

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Normally we have snow and ice and freezing temperatures in February, but what is normal these day hey ?  I love love love this weather but it scares me too, it is not just one day it is 2 weeks already and going on….

I took some pictures yesterday.

IMG_4227 (2)


IMG_4228 (2)

This crocus is so easy to grow, you just plant them, that is all and they’ll spread themselves all over the garden. Once every 5 years or so you dig them up after flowering and you make new clumps, that is it.

I am thinking of growing the saffron crocus, does any of you have experience with this crocus ? If so I’d love to hear from you.

I hope all is well with you all, have a great SUNday followed by a great week !

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