As we had a soft Spring the herbs in the garden were early, so at the moment the chives is in bloom. From chives you can eat the leafs but also the flowers, they look pretty in a salad. But I prefer the flowers on the plant as they are in bloom for a long time and the bees love them, so in my garden the flowers are all for the bees.


CHIVES IN BLOOM (allium schoenoprasum)

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If you like to make your own soup there is one ingredient you really need to give your soup a taste boost and that is LOVAGE (levisticum officinale), by preference fresh lovage but you can dry it too for Winter as it disappears in late Autumn with the first frost. It is a tall herb, grows up to 2 meters high but you can keep it small by cutting off the highest stalks, new shoots keep comming up and they are the ones you use. When you buy it in Spring in a plantshop it looks like nothing and it is small, you can never guess it will grow 2 meters  (6 to 7 feet)in a short time. You don’t need much of it, best is you do some experimenting and see what amount of it you like. I use a leaf about 25 cm ( about 10 inches) for 2 liters (half a gallon) of soup.

When I was working in the garden this afternoon I saw my lovage was comming up, the first thing I did was cutting the biggest piece for my stew, you can use it for all sorts of recipe’s of course but using it in soup is magic for your soup. It does get flowers, yellow flowers on a huge stalk but I always cut them cos they take a lot of power from the plant.

IMG_4277 (2)

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves in the garden if it is warm enough for you !

Look what is growing in my garden.

We had lots of storms and huge amounts of rain and hail, thunder and lightening lately but once in a while for a short time the sun comes out and the sky is blue so when I went to the garden in a sunny spell I found that my herb garden was on the grow again and already useable. Yes !!!

IMG_4252 (2).JPG


Chives also gets eddible flowers.

IMG_4253 (2)


IMG_4254 (2).JPG


This herb gives pretty white eddible flowers who stay on the plant for a long time, the leafs are used in salads, soups and on sandwiches. After flowering it disappears underground until next Spring.

IMG_4255 (2)


You can make a nice tea with the leafs only and it really tastes like lemon tea, it also has a calming effect. You can use it also in black or green tea when you are out of lemons to use. It  gives cute little white flowers but the plant loves to take over your garden, to avoid that you’ll have to cut the flowers before they’ll drop their seeds. But the plant can be easily removed where it is not wanted.

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The first herb in my garden in Spring is Allium ursinum, also known as wild garlic, ramsons, bear leek and many more. Once you have it in your garden you’ll never get rid of it, in my part of the world that is. It is healty, tastes good and gives lovely edible flowers , not that I eat flowers, I can’t bring myself to it. If you don’t eat or pluck the flowers they will flower for a long time so you can plant them between other plants, once the flowers are done and have spread their seeds, the plant goes underground till next Spring. I have a part in my garden where they can go mad but I planted some in a pot.


ALLIUM URSINUM, certainly worth having in your garden, if not for eating then for the beautifull white flowers.

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