This water hen (coot) has been living in our garden for several weeks now. And she feels very much at home in and near our pond. It is a young female and I hope she’ll make a nest in our garden and get chicksn  (hopefully she’ll find a husband soon ). We can do what we like in the garden, she isn’t bothered, nor is she bothered by the dogs we have.

As you can see our garden is a mess at the moment, we leave the cleaning up till Spring, we don’t want to do it in the Autumn as that isn”t good for wildlife. Today was a sunny day so I did some work in the garden. But for the rest of the week they are expecting rain, and lots of it.

It feels so good to be able to do something in the garden and you can see that most of the plants are comming to life except for the late starters.

I can’t wait for the Summer to start .

I hope you’ll all have a brilliant week ! Have fun !!

6 Replies to “WE HAVE A LODGER”

  1. I agree about leaving the brush over winter to shelter wildlife. I was fortunate to have good weather on Sunday and got the vegetable beds cleaned up, covered with compost and seeded. If all goes well, there will be peas on earth.


    1. Yes, I’m happy this bird is living in my garden 😀 The pond attracts many birds for a wash and a drink and we do feed the birds in the garden all year long and they know it.


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