Now that the weather is warming up the ticks are comming back to life and they are not picky; humans, mammals, birds, as long as it can take blood, it’s ok for a tick.

My husband breeds birds as a hobby and the other day he needed some help as he noticed one of his birds had a huge tick next to it’s eye and I am the tick destroyer in our household as I have a few dogs and grandkids and a husband of course. And as ticks can be life threatening I check for ticks every day.

I removed the tick on the bird and the bird is ok now.


Have a great week and look out for ticks !!

2 thoughts on “IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN

  1. You are so brave! Oh how ticks give me the heebie jeebies! I would take them off of me or my pets, of course, but then I’d have to take a half hour hot shower and scrub with a brush! Ha!


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