If you are looking for easy plants in your garden then think of the geranium family, also called crane’s bill’s.

I am talking about the garden geranium, not the pelargonium that a lot of people call geranium as well, the garden geranium is hardy, the pelargonium is not.

They come in all colours, hights and shapes, they tolerate all sorts of soil, sun or shade, they don’t care. You can have geraniums in bloom from Spring till end of Autumn.  They also attract a lot of bees.They don’t disappear completely in Winter and that is a plus because then you know where they are. But they do selfseed, some more like others but personally I don’t care as they can be removed easily where you don’t want them.

I have taken pictures of the ones in bloom in my garden at the moment.


GERANIUM MACRORRHIZUM SPESSART, white with dark red buds



This geranium macrorrhizum comes in many colours and is a good ground cover that blocks all weeds.


GERANIUM PHAEUM : dark purple

I have more geraniums in my garden but they are not in bloom yet, I’ll show them later.

Have a great weekend !!



    1. I know, I am often amazed at what they can take. Some get ugly in a very dry and hot period but then after a few days of rain, they grow again with fresh new green leafs !

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