Yesterday I noticed my mini apple tree was comming into bloom, it’s only buds so far but I expect the first flowers to open tomorrow.

Last year it only had a few blooms and no apples at all, this year it is completely covered in buds so I am hopefull.

This small apple tree is ideal for small spaces and can even be grown in a pot on your balcony, you can even make a hedge when you put a few in a row. The one I have is called ‘minitree Redlane’ and it doesn’t need another apple tree to get fruit.

But cos they are so pretty I bought another one last year, it had pretty white flowers last year and no apples but this year I can’t see any buds…maybe next year hey !

The Redlane has pretty dark pink buds.

IMG_4297 (2).JPG


Have a great week you all and don’t work too hard, enjoy the outside. Thanks for visiting, it’s much appreciated.

Please feel free if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help you if I can.


2 thoughts on “IN BLOOM

  1. Just came in from work’s afternoon break — it makes me happy to know that this will be my last beautiful day work afternoon break for April 8 ever…(how did I say that?) cuz I hope by this time next year I am retired, looking at my own lovely flowers!


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