Some of you already know I am not a fan of Autumn and Winter as they just last too long for me. Short grey days, cold, misty, slippery roads…..

This morning I took a picture of an oak tree in my garden, mind you, it was a sunny day so I thought I’d take a few pics.



IMG_4186 (2)

This is a 40 year old European oak, its leafs are smaller and less colourful in Autumn than those of the American oak. I haven’t got a clue how tall it is but it it huge.

IMG_4184 (2).JPG

This is our neighbours birch tree.

Have a great weekend all !



6 thoughts on “BWHAAA, IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN….

    1. Well, that’s what tree’s do in Autumn, on the other hand they give us so much in Spring and Summer and not only us but the animals too.:D


  1. Magnifico! Just grab a blanket and a hot toddy or a glass of wine or hot chocolate and let autumn and winter pass you by! It’s a good time to work on that book of yours!


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