8 thoughts on “SILENT SUNDAY

  1. I love the flowering! Is that a mother-in-law tongue? (that’s what it’s called here). Usually those are houseplants but I know people who put them outside during the summer.


    1. We call it ladies tongues. They are really very easy plants. They are houseplants over here but they love a vacation outdoors in the shade/halfshade, as do all houseplants really. By the way, there is a cactus with very nasty big spines who we call “mother-in-law’s chair” 😀

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      1. As I have only one son I have one daughter in law and we get along just fine, I do have another daughter in law, she was my oldest sons fiancee when he died and she still call’s me “mother-in-law so I guess I’m not that bad 😀


    1. It is a very easy plant too and it purifies the air inside the house. It also has a lot of relatives with all sorts of different leaf shapes. I love it !


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