As we get warmth and rain everything is growing like mad and flowers are opening every day.




FUCHSIA,  it is nameless as the shops just sell them under the name “fuchsia”, it is frustrating as I don’t know if it likes shade or sun or if it is winterhardy or not.IMG_2919.JPG

SYRINGA VULGARIS BEAUTY OF MOSCOW, the flowers are snowwhite but the buds are a smokey lilac


IRIS PSEUDACORUS or yellow pond iris in the back, the leafs are like swords, they clean the water in the pond, in the front is CALTHA PALUSTRIS, also a good water cleaner, the fishing wire is for keeping the herons from eating our fish.


FIG, my fig tree is comming to life and the figs are growing now, the figs have overwintered as tiny peas so as soon as the weather gets warmer the tiny figs start to grow.

I hope your are all having a wonderful week !

10 Replies to “A PEEK IN MY GARDEN”

    1. Oh but there are all sorts of fuchsias, most of them like dappled shade but some like full sun. Some are winter hardier than others though. The most winterhardy of all is the fuchsia magellanica, this one is a bush and you cut it down in Spring, and as you said, they reshoot again. They flower for a long time !


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