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What do you prefer, pictures in black&white or colour ?

As we live in a rather grey country I’d prefer colour anytime, colour is very important to me. How about you ?

Have a great week and thanks for your visit !


11 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU PREFER ?”

    1. Thanks ! These black and white pictures are good for a black and white themed home I think but as I told you before I need colour in my life !!


    1. Oh but black and white are often beautiful but personally I prefer colour as I live in a “grey” country and colourful pictures look sunny to me and give me a better feeling.


  1. The leaves against the sky in colour is a very soothing image because of the green against blue are Earth’s colours and it evokes a dream of warmth and summer. But the black and white is really beautiful with its subtle tone variations and is similar to a sensitive Japanese ink and brush painting on rice paper.

    I think maybe colours are good when they are the story and black and white is good when tone is the story. Every picture tells a story.


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