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I love chihuly, we found this one on our travels last year in Arizona.


This is the same chihuly but from another angle, we found this at the entrance of a cactus garden.

Have a great week all !



4 thoughts on “A HAPPY MEMORY

  1. I had only heard the word “chihuly” used in the form of Dale Chijuly the fantastic art glass artist. These plants are fantastic! Please continue to share your great pics.


    1. the chihuly is the yellow artwork in glass you see on my picture is made by Dale Chihuly, I love his work and I never thought to see his work for real so I was happy to see one at the entrance of the cactusgarden.


  2. Dale Chihuly is truly a master. Thanks for sharing! Discovering his work has been marvelous. I have seen some of his pieces all over the world, and what he can do with glass never fails to surprise and delight me!


    1. I have seen a lot of his work on pictures and I never thought I would see one of his works for real so it was a pleasant surprise to see a real chihuly when we arrived at the cactus garden. I love his work !


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