18 thoughts on “MAJESTIC IS THE WORD

    1. I love tree’s too and I have a lot of respect for them, I see them as living beings and it hurts seeing people chopping them down just like that !!!


      1. OMG that is not a lot. Here in Belgium we have a law that says you have to ask the counsel first if you want to remove a tree otherwise you pay a hefty fine. Old tree’s and slow growing tree’s cannot be cut down anymore not even if they are in your own garden.


      2. It is helpful – hopeful that other places respect trees more – living in the mountains of Maine for 23 years – I have been in a perpetual state of grieving for tree slaughter – this winter I escaped to the mountains of Mexico and here they leave the junipers alone. And only dead trees can be taken from the forests near-by – what relief – not a day goes by when I am not aware of my junipers.


      3. It makes me angry that there is still not a lot of respect for nature, not everyone ofcourse but there are a lot of people who just don’t care.


      4. Don’t forget the many woman haters that supported them. Just think, 53 percent of white women in the US voted for the idiot that we are supposed to call president – needless to say, I am not one.


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