I had my operation on December 1st. Got sent home with a bag of painkillers and I have to say I am surprised in a  good way. All went well and I am wearing a temporary cast that is open cos my arm was swollen, Ill have to wear this 2 weeks and then I’ll get a normal cast.

What did they do ; they sawed through both my bones in my forearm, cut a piece of bone in my hip to put in my arm. The first few days were really painfull but now it is bearable. It was my right arm that needed the operation but they used my left hip to take a bit of bone from.

There are a lot of things I can’t do for a while but I hope to be ok by the beginning of Spring, I can’t wait to start in the garden again !!

As I can’t use my camera I ‘ll have to use old pictures…

I would like to thank you all for your support and good wishes !


VIBURNUM BODNANTENSE , a Winter flowering shrub

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    1. Thanks ! It went better than expected but I haven’t got a clue when life will be normal again. when I broke my wrist I couldn’t drive the car for 4 months !!!!

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