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As I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for an operation I don’t know when I’ll be able to post again.


Have a great weekend all !

18 thoughts on “BYE FOR NOW”

    1. Hello !! I’m back home and “healing” but it was not really minor surgery, they had to saw through both bones in my wrist and took a piece out of my hipbone to “remake my wrist, there is also a metal plate and pins inserted. My hand was on the right side, my hip on the left. I can use my left hand for a few things only, but I already have less pain than last week….:D

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      1. I haven’t got a clue, will depend on a lot of things. But i’ll have to wear a cast fr a while…..I fell in the garden about 20 months ago and it didn’t heal properly, it’s a long story…


      2. Yuck. But not cancer, right? My dad got a splinter under his thumbnail and it took years for it to heal properly. You just never know what might turn out to be a serious problem. I hope you heal fast! Hopefully you have a garden helper to clean up right now.


      3. No it’s not cancer, Ijust fell with my wrist on a flowerpot. Alas I have no gardenhelper, my husband doesn’t know the difference between a plant and a weed !!!!

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