I have been really stupid ! I had problems posting new posts and then I tried to make it right again but I made it worse. I cannot post any longer on my previous blogs gwenniesgarden and gwenniesworld, I tried everything people advised me but alas….so I’m starting this new blog.I’ll write more tomorrow and I’ll post some pictures.



15 Replies to “HELLO HELLO”

  1. Technology…love/hate relationship. Sorry to hear about your lost work. Beautiful flowers, look forward to seeing more. Thanks for the follow of An Eclectic Gallery. I also have a blog called Nature Quietly Reflects that showcases my nature shots. Good luck with new sight.


    1. Oh yes !!!I just don’t know what happened, from one minute the the next is was gone and the odd thing is I didn’t even touch my blog, it is when I started to pannick and pushing all sorts of buttons to make it right again that I couldn’t acces my own blog to write on it…….


        1. I did and I did all they asked me to do but no luck, I needed a code but I lost that when my pc crashed a few years back. I have been blogging for over 3 years now.

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