I have been really stupid ! I had problems posting new posts and then I tried to make it right again but I made it worse. I cannot post any longer on my previous blogs gwenniesgarden and gwenniesworld, I tried everything people advised me but alas….so I’m starting this new blog.I’ll write more tomorrow and I’ll post some pictures.




15 thoughts on “HELLO HELLO

    • Oh yes !!!I just don’t know what happened, from one minute the the next is was gone and the odd thing is I didn’t even touch my blog, it is when I started to pannick and pushing all sorts of buttons to make it right again that I couldn’t acces my own blog to write on it…….


  1. Technology…love/hate relationship. Sorry to hear about your lost work. Beautiful flowers, look forward to seeing more. Thanks for the follow of An Eclectic Gallery. I also have a blog called Nature Quietly Reflects that showcases my nature shots. Good luck with new sight.


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